Weather Forecast 2020 is an app that provides weather forecasts for the next few hours to ten days and displays them with stylish graphics.

Weather ForeCast 2020 is a new app in the Google Play Store that provides accurate local and global weather forecasts for the app as well as current weather forecasts (rain, snowstorm, snow and ice) and extreme weather conditions.  Warning

Available information includes weather conditions, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, visibility and precipitation in different units, dew point, wind speed and direction, current temperature, sunrise, sleep time of the sun and moon, etc.

In addition, Weather Forecast 2020 supports widgets.  So you can view the weather directly from the lock screen or even from the home screen without opening the app.  The subject depends on the weather conditions in your current location.

Finally, Weather Forecast 2020 can be downloaded for free, without the need for an internal purchase.  However, advertising support requires Android 4.1 or higher device.

Download WeatherForeCast2020

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