AMD officially announces the new RX 5500 XT card
AMD officially announces the new RX 5500 XT card

AMD officially announces the new RX 5500 XT card
AMD officially announces the new RX 5500 XT card

AMD today announced the new RX 5500 XT, which is expected to provide many features and functions for mid-range products with 1080p resolution.  The new 7nm card provides not only outstanding performance, but also exceptional power consumption, bringing production efficiency up to 1.6 watts per watt compared to the previous generation.

RX 5500 card specifications

The new card builds on the Navi 14 architecture: the TSMC Smelter features 7 nm manufacturing accuracy, 22 standardized RDNA GPUs (equivalent to 1408 stream processors or stream processors), 6.4 billion transistors, and 128GDDR6.  Bit.  Memory (with 4GB and 8GB version) also comes with 4GB or 8GB of 14Gb / s, saving 224Gb / s of memory bandwidth.  There is a frequency of 1717 MHz in operating mode and 1845 MHz in advanced mode.  It also has an 8-pin header that can power the plate at a maximum power of 130W.

The new AMD card has many great features that have been incorporated into the new Adrenaline 2020 graphics definition to give users a better experience.  New features include unique graphics technologies such as:

Radeon Photo Sharpness Technology

Radeon technology provides new image clarity for graphics cards the ability to improve the graphics quality of in-game objects based on logarithmic processing, which can manipulate the object's internal details while preserving sharp edges so that the image is acquired by the user, it is complete details without losing detail, but  Better performance.  Players who now need to reduce screen resolution for better performance can achieve this powerful performance with Radeon Image Sharpening Technology and GPU expansion without losing detail.

Radeon anti-shift function

As we all know, this feature reduces latency between input and output operations.  Although the technology was used in previous versions of the adrenaline driver, everything looks different this time around because the company added support for older graphics cards.  the support.  RX 5000 with DX9 interface.  In addition to the ability to operate technology directly.

Radeon Post

The Radeon Boost feature provides dynamic screen-based dynamic resolution, allowing the graphics card to perform better in the game without requiring an hourly graphics card.  Working without additional hardware Graphics feature in fixed range The camera is compressed so that the requirements are different.  Get graphical effects in a lively and attractive spiritual space.  The technology will work better for many of the games currently supported, and more and more games will be added in the near future as it allows to improve this performance without any slight picture quality.  Infinite discounts to help players perform better in all games.  The visual fun provided by the graphics of these games is not lost in all areas of the game.


Scaling may not be one of the most exciting graphics technologies for HD games, but this means that low-speed and high-speed gaming experience is not possible, not the traditional Zoom on screen.  It was very mysterious in the past.  Now you can enjoy these old games more precisely while adapting to current gaming technology.  Gives you a clearer picture that matches the existing HD screen without losing any performance.

AMD Link application

AMD Link offers the ability to stream PC games from anywhere in the world to mobile devices.  The new version of the program gives you a unified user interface on all supported devices.  The app also supports a high-speed bit rate of 50 Mbps and supports scan to cloud via X265 encryption, ensuring quality and less storage space.  Less internet (requires less internet bandwidth) The iOS version will be available on the 23rd of this month, and the Android version will be available today.

According to the AMD statement, the card provides excellent 1080p performance and can be compared to NVIDIA RX 1660, which we will see in a few days in a comprehensive test.  As of today, all AMD partners can use the card, which includes a game bundle with Monster Hunter World and a three-month XBOX game pass.

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