Huawei responds to a report that reveals China's support for it to become a global company
Huawei responds to a report that reveals China's support for it to become a global company

The Wall Street Journal published an investigation on Wednesday that the Chinese government is helping Huawei to develop globally. The last time she criticized the investigation, she launched violent attacks on Thursday as usual to deny and expel the allegations. Any relationship with the government of the country of origin.

Huawei has evolved into one of the world's largest telecom companies over the past two decades, thanks in part to loans, tax exemptions and other financial support from the Chinese government, according to a survey conducted by an American newspaper.

However, according to Huawei, the investigation was based on "misinformation and misconceptions" and added that legal action could be taken after several "unclear" articles in the newspaper. The company said in a long statement: "This article violently speculates about how Huawei reached the status quo today." She added: "The Wall Street Journal is a professional medium, so we need to question its motives and spread the purpose of the article."

Although the US Department of Commerce listed the company on the blacklist in May last year for reasons of national security, the dispute comes at a time when the company is trying to build a 5G network around the world.

The newspaper stated that China's support of about 46 billion dollars to Huawei came from state-owned banks in the form of credit lines, loans and other assistance. The investigation also found that Huawei obtained a $ 25 billion tax-free license from 2008 to 2018 as the government wanted to advance the technology industry. A billion dollar grant.

The newspaper said: The results are based on public documents such as company data and real estate registry entries. His work has been reviewed by support experts such as the American nonprofit organization Good Jobs First, which supports the nonprofit responsible for economic development.

Huawei did not indicate in the newspaper investigation that it was false information, but said that the information received applied to government grants from other companies and that external financing was "in line with the market". The company also stated that during the past decade, the total amount of government support for research and development from local and foreign governments was less than 0.3% of its total revenue.

In a statement, Huawei said: "Like other technology companies operating in China, including foreign companies, Huawei has received political support from the Chinese government." She added, "But we have not received any additional or special treatment."

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