New features introduced in WhatsApp in 2020
New features introduced in WhatsApp in 2020

Facebook is preparing to provide a number of new features for WhatsApp in 2020. The following lines offer some upcoming features for the app.

The latest leak confirms that WhatsApp will automatically delete messages after a certain period of next year. This was the Snapchat known Snapchat since its launch. The reason for this is the highest standards of encryption and protection from Die Sonne in Great Britain. Upon confirmation. Unit.

You can schedule users to view messages before they are automatically deleted in the app. Options include the length of time after which the message is displayed, as well as the final deletion in an hour, day, week, month, and full year.

You can also choose to install messages instead of permanently deleting them by selecting the option to disable the automatic deletion feature. In addition, the automatically delete messages function supports individual contacts or message groups in WhatsApp.
In addition, a feature is expected in the dark theme for WhatsApp in 2020. This feature has been expected by app users for some time, which will provide users with a new experience and the functionality will also be available in 2020. Added to users on Android and iOS systems .

The leak also indicates that WhatsApp dark themes are used in conjunction with the battery saver to automatically convert the app background screen into a dark theme and display battery charge when the app background screen becomes black. This specifically supports phones with an AMOLED screen.

One of the features that must also be added in WhatsApp next year that allows reverse image search in Google Chrome to ensure the image or its source is correct because app developers are currently testing this feature for this feature can be added from 2020.

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