Blueskysea model B2W Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside
Blueskysea model B2W Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside

Record sound and alarm

Voice recording records driver and passenger conversations as well as driver windows. Built-in microphone and speaker for clear, distortion-free, high-quality sound. If the driver does not want to record an audio ad, press the Mute button. Memory card notification errors, file locks, etc. (Drivers do not need to close their eyes on the road to search for beeps).

Supports storage capacity of 400 GB!

B2W disc recorder supports up to 30 hours with 400GB memory before the memory becomes full and coverage begins. 32 GB microSD memory card included and ready to use. Note: We recommend using the Samsung Pro Endurance, Samsung Evo or SanDisk Ultra A1 memory card.

Blueskysea model B2W Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside
Blueskysea model B2W Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside

Blueskysea model B2W Dual Dash Cam Technical index

  • The two-lens design is ideal for taxi / HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution in front view and in cabin / interior. This car camera can record traffic situation in front of your car and events in the car. Perfect for people who want to record two scenes at the same time.
  • Ultrasound and ultrasound ads improve the reliability and safety of high temperature use in high temperature environments. Voice messages for memory card errors, file locks, etc. Report the driver's condition safely while driving. (The driver does not have to close his eyes in front of the road to study the siren.)
  • Wi-Fi and APP Wi-Fi and mobile applications (smartphones / tablets) make it easy to view video playback settings and download video and camera on the big screen of iOS or Android device.
  • Super night vision and invisible infrared cut filters. Infrared cabin lighting uses 4 infrared LEDs so the cabin perspective can see passengers even in true darkness. Automatic infrared closure increases sensitivity at night and ensures correct colors during the day. Combined with Sony's new Starvis IMX307 sensor, a wide-angle lens (132 ° horizontal field of view) is used to achieve excellent video quality at night and to reduce motion blur in front and residential scenes.
  • The parking screen and GPS feature provide an optional set of fixed cables with safety feature (must be purchased separately) to record videos while they are playing with the G sensor to pause the effect while stopping. Blueskysea B2W GPS records driving modes, locations, speeds as well as audio and video recordings in KM / H or MP / H and you can check locations / speeds / car routes on the map using Dashcam Viewer Player

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