Duex Mobile Pixels Full HD Portable Monitor

Duex Mobile Pixels Full HD Portable Monitor

Sometimes I have to use a laptop in a public library. When I work, it is recommended that you have two screens. In my office I have a 1440 pixel screen sufficient to accommodate multiple windows. However, laptops only have FHD resolution. With this portable screen, I no longer have to switch windows frequently. The included metal brackets are slim and practical. The screen changes with the laptop screen and has another axis to make additional adjustments. I can also connect the monitor to the desk while I'm in the office. The package contains 12 cushions that can accommodate three laptops. The hair dryer can be used instead.

Duex Mobile Pixels Full HD Portable Monitor Technical index

  • Dual On-The-Go Screen: 12.5-inch or 1080p IPS FHD display with adjustable glare, connected to a laptop for easy travel. Compatible with USB Type C, Type A, Windows, Mac, Chromebook
  • Award-winning products: award-winning design, energy-saving (Macbook Pro can be used for up to 8 hours), compact, space-saving, around 1.6 pounds of lighting, 0.48 inches thick, perfect for laptops everywhere, on planes, Cafes, joint workspaces etc.
  • Easy-to-use plug-and-play function: Connect Duex Pro to a self-adhesive card, connect and expand your device with this laptop. it is easy!
  • No matter where you are: a full rotation of 270 degrees to save space, 180 degrees to give presentations to conferences, to share the same laptop screen, each side of the laptop screen as needed. You can display any position horizontally or vertically.

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HP 2023 15'' HD IPS Laptop, Windows 11, Intel Pentium 4-Core Processor Up to 2.70GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, HDMI, Super-Fast 6th Gen WiFi, Dale Red (Renewed)
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