PVG 2K IPS Mirror Dash Cam Car
PVG 2K IPS Mirror Dash Cam Car 

This Mirror Dash Cam changed in front of me and I couldn't be happy again. The standard for a driving recorder is that the front and back cameras must be at least 1080p. This app has been using it daily for about a week and it's awesome! My two cents on this device:
- Easy to install. For reference, I installed it on the 2015 Toyota minivan with a large rearview mirror. However, the tachograph is not a problem. The elastic straps are wide enough for mirror rotation and mirror locking. I plugged in all the address wires and columns so I don't see it. It may sound difficult, but it's a lot easier than it looks. The kit provides you with the tools to connect wires accurately.
This screen is a wide wide mirror. Everything supports touch and interacts. This is where the initial settings are set up, but once the microSD card is configured and the time / date is set, it can be used and you no longer need to access the screen. the future.
- The video quality is really good! Much better than my previous tachograph. The camera captures all the details and the night vision works well. I am very happy with the performance. You will receive a 2K front camera that can create 2650 x 1440 pixel video files. Note - The recording interval is fixed in one minute and each file is approximately 120MB. You can view downloaded videos while working.
Overall, I think it's a great disc recorder and I highly recommend it. It has everything you can do, including a 32GB micro SD card. This is one of the best improvements in my minibus!

PVG 2K IPS Mirror Dash Cam Car
PVG 2K IPS Mirror Dash Cam Car 

PVG 2K IPS Mirror Dash Cam Car Technical index

  • Glare-free screen and WDR Night Vision Professional provide a glare-free screen that is isolated from safe driving from sunlight or car headlights. WDR night vision, dynamic broadband technology, and intelligent ambient brightness setting can clearly display light or dark pictures.
  • 12-inch Rectangular IPS Screen The 12-inch Rectangular IPS Display is the largest screen in the camera market. It also goes beyond the traditional rectangular design. Compared to a trapezoidal screen, it has a wider field of view and more detail: HD IPS 2K screen has excellent display effects and split screen functions, through which lens images can be displayed both in front and back at the same time.
  • Dual lens 2560P + 1080P and 170 degree wide angle lens with dual lens. Sony IMX335 front lens supports video resolution 2560 * 1440P, and back camera supports 1920 * 1080P, which allows to create HD video. The adjustable viewing angle of the screen and the 170 ° wide-angle lens eliminate blind spots, and the license plate is clearly displayed in both front and rear positions and under road conditions. Don't worry about losing important external information.
  • With GPS functions, reverse assistance and more technology with the GPS antenna, you can view speed and directions in real time. When the rear view camera is in reverse alarm condition, the rear view camera including the back with line support becomes full screen and is safer. Sensor G turns it off automatically and saves video in case of sudden vibrations and collisions. In addition, there are new technologies like parking monitoring, video delay and emergency loop recording.
  • Ease of installation and security The alternative camera includes an easy-to-install design, detailed instructions and installation videos so you don't have to worry about installation issues. 30-day full refund or exchange, 12-month quality guarantee, and lifelong customer service. Our professional customer service team is always available.

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