The dash cam is very small, but the architecture is very good. The installation was so easy and straightforward that it took me 30 minutes to install. I inserted a 32 GB SD card and when I played it for the first time the battery was still weak and it came out immediately. But after about 5 minutes it opened and the first thing I asked was to format my SD card. What should I do? Once the engine starts up and starts recording, it starts up. I must say that one of the best features of the camera is the quality of video and wide-angle photography. I was surprised when the video was broadcast and checked. The illustration is amazing, I can see the license plate not only in front of me, but also in the lanes on both sides of my car. it is good.

TOGUARD CE52G 4K UHD Dash Cam Technical index

24-hour parking mode

When the camera detects a parking collision, it is automatically triggered and a short video clip recorded can be important evidence of an accident.

GPS function

After connecting the GPS unit, CE52G issues a number of add-ons: sync tracking / time display / sync. Note: For GPS to work, only the Windows Dash Go player is required.

Time-lapse photography

Through the time lapse function, the recorder on the steering wheel can automatically take pictures at specified time intervals and adjust them together in videos, providing ample storage space on the memory card. You can choose from four options: “Off” / “3X” / “6X” / “9X”. Activate this function to accelerate the video 3/6/9 times.

Fluid intake episode

Replace older clips to avoid recording pauses when the memory card is full.

170 degree wide angle lens

A 170-degree wide lens captures every corner of the street without losing detail.

G sensor

You can detect and lock sudden vibrations / collisions automatically to prevent video blocking.


TOGUARD CE52G 4K UHD Dash Cam Features

  • Ultra HD 4K and 170 ° Wide Angle This 4K camera can record excellent videos at 25fps (Ultra HD 4K) or 2.7k (30fps). This is four times more than regular FHD recordings for license and driving license plates on the road. Clear thanks to the 170-degree angle of view and a 3-inch LCD screen that captures more detail, reduces blind spots in video recording, and effectively delivers excellent image quality and greater field of view. Widely.
  • The built-in GPS GPS function can accurately record the driving position and speed so you can track the location, direction, speed (KM / H or MP / H), date and time on your computer. All this data can be displayed on some players. Contact Customer Service to obtain launcher installation packages. Reminder: Supports Windows only.
  • With a built-in battery for 24-hour parking monitoring, this camera automatically works in standby mode and records a short video after detecting vibrations or vibrations while parking. If someone harms your car and records excellent with the built-in microphone, they can provide perfect guide and insurance.
  • The smooth loop recording and smooth loop recording of the G-Sensor automatically writes the oldest clip and replaces it with a new video, so you no longer have to worry about not having enough space on the memory card. G-Sensor is an excellent function that protects the lens when brake or sudden vibrations cause an accident. In the event of a car accident, it can be used as evidence and an insurance claim.
  • Powerful functions and reliable services The built-in 3K 4K camera does not block your presentation, it is easy to install and use, record and save the screen, license plate, expiration time, etc.

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