Trend Micro Firewall Device Home Network Security
Trend Micro Firewall Device Home Network Security 
Trend Micro Home Network Security provides electronic protection for attacks on all devices in your home connected to the Internet, including gaming devices, smart TVs, and smart devices. At the beginning of a new era of internet security, Home Network Security uses advanced deep-beam scanning technology to provide a conscious home with an entirely new level of protection and visibility for homes and devices - no security software required

Protect your smart home device
The Home Network Security and Cloud Intelligence corporate network security technology protects your entire network from hackers, identity theft, financial losses, and hackers in private life. With the easy-to-use smartphone application, IT managers can make changes anytime, anywhere in the home and inform them of important security events in the home network.

Protect your network
Enterprise level hacking technology detects and prevents cyber attacks before they reach your device. If you check the default password on your router, you can make sure that hackers cannot access your network. Protect all connected devices in your home from hackers and electronic threats, including routers, smartphones, game consoles, smart TVs, mobile phones and even door locks.

At your fingertips
Manage the use and security of all connected devices in your home in real time with an easy-to-use smartphone app. Simply download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and follow the simple instructions. Customize the internet for families and guests with just one click. Allow or block access to new computers, phones, tablets, or smart devices entering your network.
Trend Micro Firewall Device Home Network Security
Trend Micro Firewall Device Home Network Security 

Children and families online
Select a time limit on the keyboard. Access is prohibited during homework and home. Preventing adult content from accessing children's screens. Learn what they do online to teach them how to use the internet safely.

File protection
Unlike other solutions that only require professional installation, home network security is simple. Simply connect the box to a WiFi router and download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play to protect your home network.

Trend Micro Firewall Device Technical index
  • Protect, block, block: protect your smart home devices from hackers, scams, ransom, viruses, and dangerous communication attacks on your personal and financial data. Prevent dangerous files from downloading and browsing websites. Monitor Wi-Fi, Internet usage and threats in real time. Smart data security and internet protection solutions for connected devices.
  • Parental controls: content filtering, social media, and blocking inappropriate sites. Set time limits for the device, including keyboards and games. Reducing children's online time and time. Track your child's internet use.
  • Device management: full control of the network and smart devices. Disconnect unwanted devices from Wi-Fi. Prevent new devices from accessing your network until you agree to them. Immediate notification of threats. View current events in the calendar. Use Amazon Alexa to manage security by voice. Use your iPhone and Android smartphone to manage your device anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy to install: just plug it in and protect it to prevent breaking into smart homes and connected devices with our secure home Wi-Fi and this fireproof device. Download, install and configure just in 3 easy steps.

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