Snapchat prepares to launch Bitmoji TV
Snapchat prepares to launch Bitmoji TV

Snapchat plans to highlight one of its most popular features in February 2020, but this feature is not fully utilized yet because Bitmoji customizable images will become even more important during the animated series called Bitmoji TV. In addition to cat and caricature stickers, it's perfect for customizable Bitmoji selfies.

By creating original products for the Discover Discovery region, many of the current short video platforms like YouTube, Tik Tok, and Facebook Watch can be distinguished, while Bitmoji animated TV series can improve the region's quality.

The company declined to provide more details about Bitmoji TV, including episode length, number of times, whether it was ads, and whether the company was recruiting someone or the best talent to make the series.

For regularly scheduled adventures, Bitmoji TV displays portraits of the user and friends. Snapmoji TV's Snapchat page indicates that it will be released in February 2020. Users can access this page from a mobile phone to subscribe to Bitmoji TV so it is prominently displayed on their Discovery page.

Snape has had a hard time, as a number of Facebook apps have copied many of its basic functions, and after effectively copying the idea, Instagram stories have stopped sudden development for many years, Facebook added selfies, additional realistic filters and temporary messages that started watching as a competitor to the Snapchat Discovery section.

Startup Bitstrips presents an app that is used to customize faces, hair and clothes in an avatar. Snap acquired the company for $ 64.2 million in 2016, and the standalone Bitmoji app shows pictures like cats on Snapchat.

According to Sensor Tower data, Bitmoji was downloaded more than 330 million times in April, although Snapchat now allows users to create avatars in the main app.

Snap then started expanding Bitmoji usage and became 3D Bitmoji in 2017. The company then upgraded its graphics the following year, launching Snap Kit and Bitmoji Kit development platforms, which allowed apps to start the Snapchat login process and Bitmoji will be used as a profile photo file.

One of the smartest innovations in business is the predecessor of Bitmoji TV, Bitmoji Stories. These daily stories allow for short interaction with customizable selfies, and in 2019 Bitmoji will be almost ubiquitous among teenagers and 210 million people. Snapchat users. ,

Snape is currently trying to take advantage of the tremendous popularity Bitmoji has with Bitmoji TV and hopes that users can engage friends in the app. However, Bitmoji TV's success largely depends on the writing quality to bring back users. to watch.

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