Sony will not use the AMD chip in the upcoming PlayStation 5 console
Sony will not use the AMD chip in the upcoming PlayStation 5 console

Today's latest leak shows that Sony will not be using AMD chips in the next PlayStation 5 console.

Komachi Ensaka has verified some of the codes for the new generation of processor used in the game console where it found Sparkman, Arden, Oberon and Ariel icons, which indicate that the first icon belongs to a required chip that supports Xbox Series X. While other icons return to the chips that PlayStation 5 supported.

According to previous media reports, the next generation of PlayStation 5 controllers will include AMD technology that also supports Xbox Series X. However, the latest security flaw indicates that the ray tracing technology used in the PS5 does not use AMD chips.

Earlier reports indicate that Sony is using 3D sound in the PS5 to support next-generation consoles with unique gaming experiences.

Sparkman and Arden technologies support tracking visual effects such as ray tracing and shadow processing, but Oberon and Ariel do not support the same functionality. If you use the latest Sony model, the PS5 will not support AMD ray tracing or shadow processing.

It should be noted that the leak in the next Sony PlayStation 5 console or the next Microsoft Xbox X Series console has not yet provided clear and precise information about the console, but reports and leaks have been monitored so far, indicating that Sony is better going to provide power to the PS5.

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