SpaceX satellite internet plan threatens the universe
SpaceX satellite internet plan threatens the universe

Astronomers warn that satellites launched by private companies such as SpaceX and Amazon may interfere with the night sky and interfere with radio frequencies used to observe the universe and disrupt the image of the Earth and optical telescopes.

By 2020, thousands of small satellites are planned to provide public access to the Internet through a series of low-orbiting satellites.

"These satellites are almost the size of a table, but they reflect very strongly, and the plate reflects a lot of sunlight, which means we can. It can be seen on the images taken with the telescope." Large radio waves disrupt astronomers' signals.

Astrophysicist d. Dave Clement of the University of Imperial College London describes a small satellite swarm as a tragedy, and it would be dangerous if it prevented the observation of Earth asteroids. He said: It is an obstacle between what we observe from Earth and the rest of the universe. You ban everything and you will lose everything, be it a dangerous potential asteroid or a distant quasar in the universe.

Olivier Hino, the astronomer at the European Southern Observatory (ESO), said that other satellites have calmed the effects of the satellites: These satellites will only affect 0.8% of their observations on the telescope, and confirmed this for astronomers, however, this percentage will not be Problem.
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The SpaceX Starlink project is one of the most ambitious satellite Internet programs that started the first 60 satellites earlier this year to create a satellite network project of 12,000 satellites.

Shortly after launching these orbits, satellites caused more than 100 UFO sightings, although SpaceX said that its Starlink satellite was only visible in its first orbit on Earth.

The company announced that it was actively coordinating with radio and astronomy communities in Europe and the United States to protect the main activities of radio astronomy, and announced that it was taking steps to hide the base of the radio astronomy constellation for Starlink satellites. To reduce the impact on the astronomy community.

Among other things, Amazon and emerging British company OneWeb are planning to launch large satellite networks.

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