Tiled Links lets you open your favorite files directly from Android notifications or from the Quick Settings panel wherever you are.

There are many apps in the Google Play Store.  Android users can customize or change the Notifications panel or Quick Settings panel, but most of these apps are limited.  Use the latest tile links app in its completely different domain.

With this app, you can easily customize the "Quick Settings" dialog box, and unlike similar apps, you can still use system icons to ensure compatibility with current system attributes and custom icons that support shortcuts.

In addition, Tile Links provides the ability to install installed apps and activities, URLs, shortcuts to specific app tools, and new shortcuts to add more content to the notification panel.  The symbol (s) correspond to the system properties used.

If you are looking for new exploration content, this app is a useful option for free download.

However, if the app supports Android 7.0+ users, it includes optional internal purchases and no ads.

Download the TileShortcuts app on Android.

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