Typewise is a new and innovative keyboard app for Android users

The current keyboard app is based on the design of 140-year-old mechanical typewriter, so the keyboard layout hasn't changed much over the years. However, we've seen many other additions, such as fast typing, word correction, automatic prediction, and Typewise card appearance, and now change things by doing something.

Note that the Typewise card is only available in Switzerland and is now available worldwide. It was previously available for iOS and is now officially available for Android to provide it with a completely redesigned keyboard ((based on hexagonal layout), from A to Z, built specifically for phones.

Although users may take a long time to get used to this new spelling, Typewise claims to have reduced the number of typos by 80%. The committee also offers detailed educational programs that teach you how to operate the system. For example, if you swipe, letters are added, and if you scroll to the left, the text is deleted, and if you swipe to the right, the deleted text is restored.

Typewise is a new and innovative keyboard app for Android users

In this case, team members claim that they rely solely on machine and smart learning without connecting to the internet, which provides more privacy, as is the case with most other keyboard apps, and also supports prediction. Correction and ability to add words to their uniqueness and many more

Finally, unfortunately, as long as the Arabic language is not supported, the Typewise keyboard also supports more than 40 languages. The board gives you a free 30-day trial, then you have to buy it and take advantage of the many processes. You can also change the theme, change the font size, enable tablet mode, add custom dialects, and more.

Download Typewise on Android

Typical download on iOS.

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