In most cases, buying a screen isn't easy, but luckily, you're already in 2019 and we're with you!  Learn the most important things to consider when purchasing a computer screen!

Everyone has their own criteria for choosing a standard, and my needs will always be different from yours because I might prefer a specific brand or screen type.  I don't like taking care of the standard and need it at the same time. However, the screen has changed this idea somewhat, and compared to Apple computers, by the end of 2019, it fulfilled all our requirements for most of the gaming screens on the market.  The land that makes the current purchase screen easier!

Your guide to know the most important criteria you need to purchase a professional screen!
Your guide to know the most important criteria you need to purchase a professional screen!

No matter how simple words are, they are always getting more complicated for someone who has never considered setting special standards for these screens.  But this is ultimately our task, and even if we explain it several times in more than one article, it is our duty to explain to you what has not been solved!  Dear reader, you have the right now to start discussing how you can quickly choose the game screen so as not to disturb you.

The main criteria affecting your gaming experience

We'll start with a clarity that distinguishes one screen from another and experience from another screen.  But frankly, if the screen is smaller than Full HD or 1920 x 1080, you won't be able to provide you with a useful gaming experience today.  If you are still playing at 720 resolution then this is not an experience.

Most graphics cards provided by Turing and Navi are now able to display high-resolution images clearly, and even previous generations of Pascal or Polaris cards were able to display this resolution on screens with this clear clarity.

Of course, we always recommend you at least as much, but if you increase your purchase limit to buy a screen with a resolution of 1440 or 2K, this is not a problem!  However, if you have a mid or high scorecard, we always recommend that you purchase a 1080p screen to display it at the best frame rate. If you want to update the map, please purchase a clear screen.

The refresh rate is all that you need to remove from the computer (not from the computer itself), but from the graphics card that you use to use resources to output individual images to solve all the problems the enemy needs.  The internet is basically compatible with everything you own.

In this case, the refresh rate of 60 images is the most important.  This number has been around for a long time and we have to say goodbye now.  Who caused this separation? 144 Hz is the new standard that connects you with professionals ... not exactly professionals ... but the best experience you want to communicate with professionals!  If you can preview images at up to 144fps, there is a double difference! If you are going to buy a screen with a high refresh rate, the price is not high at the moment.

There is also response time, which can be complicated at times.  Some people say that it takes time to display each image on the screen, but if this format is correct, does this mean that it contains 570 milliseconds per second at most?  of course not!

Others say this is also a bug if you send the mouse or keyboard to the screen for viewing because the processor and operating system are responsible for these things.

In fact, it's time for each pixel to move to the next color.  Time in milliseconds, the better. So we always recommend setting the maximum screen latency time between 3ms and 1ms to achieve the best graphics and clarity.

Simple things can make a big difference!

We'll look at some simple things that can affect the look of your computer or its gaming experience.  These things always depend on whether you get distracted while playing your favorite games, as Nvidia said: Every frame is important in 2019, every second in 2020 is important!

The first is the curvature of the screen.  On some modern screens, we can see that they are the same size and proportions, even if not most screens.  But the difference is that you do this by moving each pixel at a different angle or angle L (either side or side) to your eyes for a better experience where the game is right in front of you, but the decision is yours in the end, the decision on the screen should not be related to this idea.

Of course, these screens are more expensive in most cases, and we will not impose this idea on anyone, since the screen itself does not cause serious graphic differences, but the difference in the receiver screen is not now this big and is not necessary!  However, ownership is always an advantage, whether you want to buy a new screen or update it, and try to flip the update over to the middle item.

As with all aspects of the cables, we must pause for a moment, because the wiring space on your desk increases the wiring problems, and these problems will continue with you throughout your life!  Always choose the monitor that provides the best route of routing through the screen structure itself or parts that do not need to be placed in the back cover of the screen, and with the remaining cables, you will not experience a crisis and the rest of the computer will not turn off.

Eye safety technology is also required.  Not mandatory as it can be seen on most screens on the market.  We recommend using it. If these screens hurt your eyes and hurt you, you will not believe it, then the market will not be there: The main reason behind searching for them is that they do not leave the city where they were made due to the strict factory laws.  However, there are other functions, for example B with blue shading technology, for example BenQ eye care screens.

Compatible with your working environment.  Some screens that this screen buys can make it compatible with the rest of the factory itself, for example famous screens where MSI are all versions of Optix displays through which you can be compatible with MSI other motherboard with graphics card.  In RGB lighting. You may think it is luxurious like others, but it satisfies the public taste!

Who made us on Benq?

These two screens are used during the Olympic Games and they have the option to receive a reward for their exceptional performance compared to the purchase price of the two screens, so the option ...

The famous ZOWIE XL2411P screen that invaded the Arab market is one of the best screens of 2019, and it has the advantage that its price is cheaper than all competitors!  These advantages are:

1ms response time at 144Hz ensures that you get the maximum number of frames per second in all video game categories while at the same time achieving a competitive advantage.

The black eQualizer function of BenQ screen ensures better clarity of dark sections during playback.

Multiple DisplayPort, DVI, and HDMI connections available for graphics and 3.5mm headphones.

In order not to draw attention to objects like reflections throughout the game, you can use ultra-thin frames and move the screen up and down freely or move the entire frame.

Good framework for communications and cables.

For the second screen: If you like quiet computer parts and have bright appearance and bright colors, this screen with the following technical data is right for you:

Resolution 2K provides an unforgettable graphic experience and has an IPS control panel that allows you to design the best color onscreen for different games!

The 144Hz frequency has a response time of only 1ms, ensuring that you get the maximum number of frames per second in all video game categories and at the same time get a sharp picture.

USB-C and HDMI connections with DisplayPort are compatible with all existing graphics cards.

This screen features AMD FreeSync technology.

Thanks to HDRi, the pictures on this screen are more beautiful than most screens released in 2019.

However, it should be noted that screens, far from all these technical indicators, must be paid in different currencies to ensure the best experience.  BenQ’s internationally-acclaimed brightness system with EyeCare technology ensures that all Eyes do not use light-tracking technology for a long time to play various types of graphics and games, which is very stressful.  These games will evolve in late 2019 and early 2020!

Notes at the end of the year and when purchasing a monitor required for a computer after 2019

In the end, it always depends on the user, someone interested in RGB lighting more than focus.  The law and its rights guarantee. Someone might be interested in getting a 4K screen and sacrificing the refresh rate.  You have the right to buy the screen you need and more, especially if it meets the goal of the screen you want to buy. In addition to games, other goals can use the computer screen to develop, such as a visual creation that attracts many favorite people.  Content, especially in 2019 and 2018. After fanatical gaming offerings, everyone was keen to buy the game and computer parts.

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