ZIAMRE Car Camera
ZIAMRE Car Camera

1080p FHD and 3 inch LCD screen
The driving camera, equipped with a Full HD 1080P display and a 3-inch LCD screen, gives you a clear visual experience, so you can see every detail clearly while driving. Regardless of whether you want to record your car journey or just look at the traffic lights, our tachograph is a good choice.

Large front and back cameras
Cam dashboard gives the driver complete visibility. The driver can cover the rear angle 170 ° and 150 °, and the driver has excellent protection while monitoring the front and rear cameras of the car. You don't need to worry about blind spots.

Integrated advanced gravity sensor
The dashboard is also equipped with advanced G-sensors. If vehicle collisions and accidental collisions are detected, the current lens will be locked and protected automatically. If there is an accident, you will receive important information.

Excellent night vision and driving safety
Multi-lens car recorders provide excellent night visibility. You don't have to worry about driving at night because the driving camera can ensure a clear picture even in poorly lit environments. Enjoy driving safely at all times.

Automatic loop recording and 32G SD card
Dash camera repeatedly recording function can be recorded continuously, even when the SD card is full. Meanwhile, the old, uninsured video is automatically replaced. In addition to the driving recorder, we will send you a 32G SD card to cover your daily recording needs.
ZIAMRE Car Camera Review
ZIAMRE Car Camera

24-hour parking monitoring with motion detection
The motor recorder with an extended standby screen has a sensitive motion detection function. When movement or biological vibrations are detected within the reach of the camera, a short video clip is automatically recorded to protect your vehicle throughout the day.

ZIAMRE Car Camera Specs
  •  The 3-inch full HD 1080p LCD camera can produce 1080p ultra-clear video images so that the driver can see every detail clearly, including traffic lights and obstacles. The 170 ° wide angle gives you a wider viewing experience while driving.
  • Detecting parking movements and blocking accident logs - in order to identify moving targets within 3 meters, the car camera starts recording at any time. If the integrated G sensor detects a car collision, the current video portion will be locked automatically to prevent overwriting.
  • Dual drive recorder and excellent day / night vision function - The ZIAMRE car Camera is equipped with front cameras at 170 degrees and rear cameras at 150 degrees, providing you with a wider field of view without blind spots. WDR technology can guarantee picture clarity at night to ensure safe driving in poorly lit environments. Set an excellent record.
  • Loop recording function and 32G SD card - even if the SD card is full, tachograph cycle recording can be continuously recorded. Once the SD card reaches the maximum file size, the old files are replaced. Record the episodes of the series during playback.

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