1MORE Launches New True Wireless ANC Wireless Headphones!
1MORE Launches New True Wireless ANC Wireless Headphones!

1MORE, one of the world's largest headphones manufacturers, today announced True Wireless ANC headphones designed to stay in-ear headphones that come with dual audio drives for better sound purity with two levels of noise reduction and wireless charging.

The exciting thing about 1MORE headphones is that they may be the first wireless headphones that come with THX standards to meet the company's first purpose, which is to provide high-end products for their customers.  These headphones come from the company's official website and the Amazon website at a price of two hundred dollars.

This is the third product that awaits THM's 1-THX certification and its first wireless product, and it is clear that these headphones rely on delivering the best entertainment experience for their users.  THX's words about these headphones are as follows:

THX engineers perform tough tests to make sure the sound is reproduced with the best accuracy and to preserve the sound as the singer wants to hear it.

We are proud to work with 1MORE and uphold their commitment to deliver the best in class products with purity, performance and consistency like what we emphasize through THX standardization launches. ”

Using two motors for sound in the 1MORE headphones, the headphones use a dynamic motor with a balanced motor to provide the best clarity with a full sound.  Among the most important features of these headphones are:

  • Effective noise elimination:
  • How can you know your location and what about you?
  • Superb compatibility: Qualcomm's latest chipset and Bluetooth 5 technologies allow the aptX and AAC audio streaming with Android and iOS devices.
  • Multiple and more great options: Link these headphones charging via USB-C ports and through Qi wireless chargers.  All your sensors with the G-Sensor to make you able to control the sounds of your phone.
  • Long battery with fast charging: Enjoy six hours on charging. Charging for a quarter of an hour gives you two extra hours of use.

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