89% of information security managers: half of the company's technology budget puts digital security under stress
89% of information security managers: half of the company's technology budget puts digital security under stress

A recent survey by Kaspersky found that the Board of Directors regularly contacts the vast majority of 89% of corporate security personnel for advice and recommendations.

The study also found that direct contact between high-level government officials and information security officials does not necessarily lead to an increase in budget allocations for digital security in the company's budget, but 54% of respondents said they need to use the allocation of information technology to support digital security projects.

In the third quarter of 2019, 451 Research commissioned an independent study commissioned by Kaspersky to study the various factors that contribute to shaping the security landscape of information security from the perspective of the leading digital security companies. The survey polled 305 opinions of senior information security officers responsible for digital security in global companies. The results show the change in the digital security landscape and corporate security leadership.

According to the study, only 23% of company study participants have direct contact with the board of directors, but management requires IT security officers direct advice regardless of their organizational dependence on the organization.

The study found that line managers often need to be told by the Chief Information Security Officer at RSSI about internal digital security incidents, as described by 60% of respondents.

But it's not just about secret incidents: The study results show that executives understand the importance of taking the lead in protecting the company now or in the future. 57% of information security officers surveyed stated that they participated in regular meetings. 56% of board members said they would comment on future technology projects.

However, senior IT security officials still find it difficult to force them to justify IT security costs, and 43% of respondents said they had to pay more of the IT budget. Wide, it directly competes with commercial and technological projects. Other information in the company. This is one of the three biggest challenges they face to demonstrate the integrity of their position in information security investments.

According to the research, Vinjamin Levtsov, vice president of Kaspersky Business, said that digital security is "an important part of business success", because this awareness translates into practical support, "focusing on the working language and not in technical terms of how to solve problems, using external expertise to justify Important digital safety measures are a win for the company, an important factor in supporting management. ”

Kaspersky recommends that information security officers take the following steps to ensure effective communication with the board:

  • By converting "on-demand communication" with the board of directors into "regular communications through scheduled meetings", the board is kept informed of the important and systematic progress in strategic actions and priorities.
  • It is important to speak a language that management teams can understand, as managers rarely get technical training. Therefore, when you talk about security measures, do not use technical terms and mention specifically the benefits and employment opportunities.
  • Ensuring that board members receive security training will help build a digital security culture at the operational level while effectively emphasizing the effectiveness and effectiveness of digital security measures.

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