Accutracking TK374 OBD II Vehicle GPS Tracker
Accutracking TK374


-No contract. There are no hidden fees. No automatic billing. Pay as you go
4 types of packages are available. $ 12.99 / $ 15.99 / $ 20.99 / $ 25.99 / month (Updated every 120/60/30/15 seconds. Other functions are different: https: //secure.accutracking. Com / features.php). There are more discounts for quarterly / annual payments!
- 7 days free trial period
Compatible with Alexa: Ask "Where is my car?"
- Automatic roaming on multiple 4G LTE networks in the US 50, Canada, and Mexico. Please contact us for availability in other countries
- Monitor online traffic in real time. Applies to mobile apps for Android and iOS 11.3 or above.
- Auto Doctor (most cars, but not all cars): automatic online real-time diagnostic data: engine revolutions per minute, temperature, driving distance, battery voltage, electrical charge, error code
- Email / SMS / online alerts: geo-fence, speed, low battery, drowsiness, fence duration, serious behavior, ignition / ACC, engine control with DTC, vehicle shutdown, engine slowdown, oil change, temperature Engine, RPM.
- Alarm notification time can be configured
- Large number of reports: daily miles, parking lots, transit, time and speed statistics, stay time, maximum entry / exit speed, official fuel mileage from IFTA, mileage and oil condition change)
30 days
- Download data in CSV / KML format
Standard filter
Sub account (view account only)
- Simply access multiple accounts using the main account
- Real time maps are included on the site

Questions that require attention:
The company operates in 50 U.S. states of AT&T and T-Mobile 4G. He also works in Canada and Mexico. Contact us for information in your country.
Accutracking TK374 OBD II Vehicle GPS Tracker
Accutracking TK374

Accutracking TK374 OBD II Vehicle GPS Tracker  Specs
  • OBD 4G Tracker (LTE band B2 / B4 / B17. Compatible with earlier versions of 3G UMTS 850 / 1900MHz). Travel SIM is included for optimal coverage (There are 50 coverage regions in the US, Canada, and Mexico, please contact other countries / regions). Used with Alexa (Amazon Echo / Echo Dot).
  •     Pay as you go. Prepaid service. There is no contract. No automatic billing. There is no activation fee. There are no cancellation fees. There are no hidden fees. Includes a data plan. You can choose from 4 types of plans: $ 12.99 / $ 15.99 / $ 20.99 / $ 25.99 / month (updated every 120/60/30/15 seconds. Other features are different). Quarterly / annual payment discount. 7-day free trial
  •     Easy to install: just plug it into the OBD-II in the car! No wire is required. Simply switch between vehicles. Compatible with most cars. Lightweight (2.1 ounce only).
  •     Follow GPS 24x7 online in real time. Contains vehicle diagnostic data. Available for 30 days. Check geo-shutdown, speed, ignition / ACC, shutdown, braking / acceleration / panning, engine lights (with DTC code), engine slowdown, oil change, engine temperature, engine speed alert via SMS / Email. Detailed monitoring report (stops, geographical closures, speed, drowsiness, shutdown times, official IFTA miles, vehicle maintenance status, engine slowdown)
  •     Lifetime warranty. Built-in LTE and GPS antennas provide excellent reception. Just feed the extended antenna!

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