Ainhyzic ADC100 FHD Car Camera
Ainhyzic ADC100 FHD Car Camera

Ainhyzic ADC100 DASH CAM is used to drive the dashboard with touch screen, infrared recording and night vision driving

Smart touch buttons
Compared to other tachographs, our tachographs are equipped with smart touch buttons. All operations can be performed with your fingertips and ensure safe and comfortable driving.

2.7 "HD touch screen, 1080p resolution
It is equipped with a 2.7-inch 1080p HD screen, which can display all events intuitively anytime and anywhere. However, the photos can also be viewed in time.

Wide field of view
The wide viewing angle is 170 degrees. As a result, blind spots can be reduced, capture more details, log every driving condition and protect the safety of you and your vehicle.

Infrared night vision
Around the 8 drive recorder there are infrared lights and a Sony sensor, ensuring perfect videos in poor lighting conditions even in the dark car. The video can be up to 8 meters long and recorded at night. Clearer video recording ensures driving safety.

G sensor emergency lock.
G-Sensor detects sudden changes in collision or acceleration and then closes the recorded clip automatically to provide important information about a possible mismatch.

Liquid loop recording
The video is automatically recorded every 1, 3 and 5 minutes and the connection is smooth. When the storage vehicle is full, the system automatically covers the loop and the storage technology is expanded indefinitely. The video is smooth and does not lose frames.
Ainhyzic ADC100 FHD Car Camera
Ainhyzic ADC100 FHD Car Camera

Watch around the clock
When an electric shock is detected and the engine is turned off, the camera turns on automatically, recording starts, file is saved, playback stops.

Heat and cold
Fireproof material with integrated Samsung capacitors, heat and cold design, and heat resistance make it safer in low and high temperature environments.

Easy to install and use
It comes with a full set of accessories for immediate use. Installation is simple and convenient - it can be opened, installed and executed.

Ainhyzic ADC100 Car Camera Specs
  • DASH CAM dashboard with 1080P touch screen and 2.7 inch screen with 2.7 inch touch screen can be displayed with full 1080p resolution and advanced sensors day and night. To do this, you only need to use your fingertips for all operations to ensure safety and comfort.
  • Infrared sensor superior night vision The eight infrared lights around the 8-disc recorder are equipped with Sony sensors, which ensure perfect video editing in poor lighting conditions even in very dark cabs and can shoot videos up to 8 meters away. Clear video recording at night to ensure driving safety.
  • Emergency lock and transparent G-sensor ring] With the high-sensitivity G sensor, the operator recorder automatically locks existing files and protects critical records in the event of collisions, sudden brakes and other emergencies. The video is recorded automatically every 1.3 and 5 minutes. When the memory card is full. Important clips are locked and not replaced.
  • [24 Hour Monitor] This car camera automatically turns on and records 30 seconds after a shock or vibration is detected in the event of a power failure, leaving your vehicle on standby and improving the vehicle condition 24 hours a day.

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