Alphabet is about to join the $ 1 trillion club
Alphabet is about to join the $ 1 trillion club

Google's parent Alphabet is preparing to join the Silicon Valley Giants Club, with a market value of over $ 1 trillion. The market value reached $ 999.3 billion yesterday, as analysts expect the $ 1 trillion mark to be surpassed soon, making it the fourth largest in the United States. Big technology company. You have achieved this goal.

Alphabet has joined a tech companies club worth more than $ 1 trillion, including Apple, the first technology company to surpass performance standards in August 2018, and since then its market value has grown to $ 1.37 trillion.

IPhone maker followed Microsoft in April 2019 with a market value of over $ 1 trillion. Amazon joined the club in September. Although Microsoft's value continues to grow, Amazon has fallen and its current market value is about $ 940 billion.

This means that the five largest companies in the United States are now technology companies, and Facebook currently has a market capitalization of $ 631 billion.

Alphabet is preparing for its latest earnings report on February 3, and is expected to post another quarter of benchmark advertising revenue, making it easier to pay its market value of over $ 1 trillion as stock prices rise. By 7% this year. , Which has increased by more than a third in the past few months, the past twelve months of advertising have continued to grow strongly.

The continued growth of technology companies has been accompanied by a growing interest from global political circles, consumer groups and regulators, for the huge impact that companies have on their competitive areas.

According to eMarketer, Google holds 73% of the advertising market in the U.S. and received 31.1% of global digital advertising sales in 2019.

Revenue from the previous quarter was $ 40.5 billion, an increase of 20% compared to the same period in 2018. Alphabetical cash flow was over $ 117 billion last year, Apple's cash over $ 102 billion. ,

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