Amazon is stepping up its war against counterfeit sellers
Amazon is stepping up its war against counterfeit sellers

According to Reuters sources, Amazon plans to provide law enforcement with more data on counterfeit products to further combat counterfeit products sold on e-commerce sites.

The move comes at a time when Amazon is subject to public scrutiny of dangerous and deformed products on its platform, especially since fake products from some major brands (such as Apple and Nike) are preventing Amazon from selling some brands.

In the past, Amazon, one of the world's largest online retailers, has said that authorities have claimed they are sellers because they believe they have sufficient information about the police to locate the perpetrators. According to sources cited by Reuters, the company is now planning to share supplier information with federal agencies in Europe and the United States once it is sure to sell counterfeit products to customers.

The agency found that it is not clear why Amazon is using the program now. But in 2018, he agreed with Apple to leave Apple products sold on its website to unauthorized suppliers. He also sued counterfeit sellers and provided tools to eliminate counterfeit brands.

According to Reuters, Amazon has held meetings with government officials and related organizations in recent weeks to discuss the new counterfeiting strategy and how the company can boost implementation. We hope the Amazon data will help the authorities interact with criminals.

According to the source, Amazon shares the seller's name, company name, product and contact details with the authorities after confirming that the company sells counterfeit products and closes the seller's account and makes sure that the seller closes the deal. The order can resume through regular Amazon activities.

The Wall Street Journal reported in December that the Trump administration was considering merging some of Amazon's overseas sites into a global market called counterfeit goods.

It is worth noting that, according to Trump's estimates mentioned in a note published last April, the global commercial value of pirated and counterfeit products amounts to half a trillion dollars annually, including the decision to crack down on trade dialogue with China. Decision to combat counterfeit products sold in electronics stores. It is one of the biggest sources of fake products.

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