Amazon warns users of a $ 4 billion product
Amazon warns users of a $ 4 billion product

Amazon urges users to uninstall Honey, a free shopping tool that automatically finds coupons when shopping online, expresses security risks, and explains that the plugin collects user data when browsing, browsing, and purchasing website products during the Christmas shopping season. ,,

The claim came a week after PayPal took over the $ 4 billion Honey Coupon platform. This has prompted many to question the reasons behind Amazon's claims, as some have speculated about it, and technology giant Amazon has become nervous about competition. ,

A spokesman for the e-commerce company said: Amazon takes the privacy of its customers very seriously. Our goal is to warn customers of browser add-ons that collect personal purchase data without their knowledge or consent. Their approval, such as customer approval. Name, delivery address, invoice, data purchase and payment method.

Honey was founded in 2012 and has developed a free browser add-on that helps people save money by finding transactions and keeping track of prices. Paypal acquisition of Honey is the largest PayPal acquisition, indicating that approximately $ 4 billion will be spent on the acquisition of Honey. ,

The importance of honey is due to the fact that it provides a wide range of services to simplify the shopping experience for consumers while making them acceptable to people at reasonable prices, as they compare prices and find coupons when shopping.

Consumers add the app to their offices and find the items they need. The add-on is then sold at the best price. Accordingly, users can decide whether to buy or wait for now, but Amazon now warns buyers that the add-on is harmful. Software.

Amazon security warning states that the honey add-on can recognize purchase behavior for users and can log data such as order history and stored items, as well as read or change data on n regardless of the website the user visits and when prompted uninstall the add-ons immediately To ensure privacy and safety.

A honeymoon spokesman said: The added content is not a security risk. It was previously unsafe and unavailable. We use the data only in a way that Honey members directly benefit, i.e. to help people save money and time, as they expect. Our commitment is described in the data protection statement. And security.

The company requires that they collect limited purchase data and use it to analyze the information on retail sites so that users can find the best coupons, but they never sell personal information.

According to reports, PayPal and Amazon have never worked, PayPal was once an eBay competitor, and Amazon PayPal has not been accepted as a method of payment. Add honey compatible with Amazon. This is apparently the first Amazon general review of security risks.

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