American patents set a new record in 2019. IBM and Samsung
American patents set a new record in 2019. IBM and Samsung

IFI Claims, a company that specializes in pursuing US patent activities, released its annual report, a record number in 2019, as last year it saw the largest number of patents by the US Patent Authority and it achieved 333,530 patents.

The number of patents is the highest in a year. This corresponds to an increase of 15% over the previous year. As in the previous year, IBM obtained the largest number of patents with 9,262 patents remaining and remains the first.

It is worth noting that the list includes some of the best-known American technologies, but it is interesting to note that the Korean company Samsung Samsung ranked second after obtaining 6469 patents. In third place is the Japanese canon, which holds 3,548 patents.

The list includes other Korean, Chinese and American companies. Microsoft is in fourth place. Microsoft has 3081 patents. Intel 3020 holds patents. South Korean LG has 2,805 patents. Apple has 2490 patents. Ford has 2468 patents. Amazon has 2,447 patents.

In China, Huawei ranked tenth with 2,248 patents, followed by 2,348 patents from Qualcomm, followed by TSMC from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company with 2,331 patents, followed by Chinese screen maker BOE with 2,177 patents, Then Sony. 2,142 patents, then Google has about 2,102 patents.

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