An 8% increase in sales in the 2019 online shopping season
An 8% increase in sales in the 2019 online shopping season

Salesforce, the global leader in the development of CRM solutions, released its 2019 online shopping season report, which shows that electronic payments for the 2019 shopping season have increased by 80% in global spending of $ 732 billion,

In the week leading up to E-Commerce Week, digital traffic increased by 13% as of 2018, while e-orders increased by 9%, including 10% of e-orders and 5% of digital sources, and they come from channels driven by Artificial intelligence support.

2019 e-shopping week set a record: global digital sales grew 15% to $ 143 billion.

Online shops providing click and receive services saw 56% activity among online buyers, and their digital sales share 18%.

Cell phones are the most powerful devices for digital data traffic and commands. During peak times, up to 80% of digital traffic and 65% of digital requests are sent via mobile devices.

Rob Graf, Vice President, Retail Strategy, Salesforce, said: “E-commerce has had great success in e-commerce through mobile devices and business reception and personalization services based on great success. You should think about artificial intelligence and social media sharing as well as brands in 2020. A new opportunity to integrate these experiences into traditional stores to provide the best shopping experience ever.

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