Apple acquires AI Tech Startup
Apple acquires AI Tech Startup

Apple acquired, a tech startup, and leaks indicate that the acquisition has ended with $ 200 million.

Today is the latest technology acquisition between Apple and the new Seattle is developing low-performance AI technologies that enable AI to work on devices to replace cloud services.

Apple targets recent acquisitions to support future versions of the iPhone using the Artificial Intelligence software, and Apple has confirmed the company's desire to buy certain startups from time to time, but generally does not provide reasons for the acquisition.

The GeekWire report states that Apple wants to support iPhones with software with special tools that can use special tools to identify objects in photos.  The report states that the acquisition was completed with $ 200 million and the company's founding was also investigated by Amnesty International's Allen Institute.  Paul Allen is a co-founder of Microsoft.

Google and Facebook are looking for acquisitions of startups that specialize in artificial intelligence technologies to develop their platforms and expand their services.  With this latest deal, Apple is expected to achieve higher sales soon, and services and technology will come.

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