Apple plans to launch iPhone in full screen mode
Apple plans to launch iPhone in full screen mode

Apple plans to reintroduce the iPhone's Touch ID fingerprint scanner, at least one of which will be released this year. LetsGoDigital found three design patents in Japan, all of which prove that iPhone has no scratches, forcing it to. The company has made fundamental changes. ,

Each patent is associated with a user interface, but it seems interesting that Apple ignores the considerations found in almost all images.

Cupertino eliminated fingerprint technology two years ago, heralding a new era in face recognition. However, if Apple redesign the iPhone with a full feature display, there may be an option to return to Touch ID.

In addition, the report is based on a Credit Suisse conference last summer aimed at Apple's supply chain partners who confirmed the full screen design for 2020.

Suppliers report a camera under the iPhone's display, but due to design issues, they don't provide face recognition.

In August last year, Ming Qi Kuo, an analyst who understood Apple's roadmap well, said the full screen design of the iPhone would only be released for the first time in 2021, saying the iPhone would release Touch Touch ID this year. , Because there is a fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the screen.

Sources of analyst Ming Zhi Kuo reported that Apple plans to reduce component energy consumption and increase the area of ​​the sensors. Face ID is preserved even if the sensors are located under the OLED control panel.

Meanwhile, a report published by Bloomberg a few months ago showed that the inexpensive iPhone Touch ID would be included, and Apple might restore the actual home key or attach a fingerprint scanner to the side of the iPhone or behind an inexpensive iPhone model.

Despite rumors, it is unclear whether Apple will take bold steps to remove Face ID from the phone, according to iPhone manufacturers, the feature is becoming more popular and faster than previous fingerprint scanners.

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