Apple scans iCloud photos for child abuse
Apple scans iCloud photos for child abuse

Due to the increasing pressure from technology companies to fight crime, Apple has started scanning images downloaded from iPhones to check child sexual abuse images.

Jane Horvath, Apple's chief privacy officer, announced at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2020 (CES) that the company automatically checks images stored in iCloud cloud storage for illegal images. ,

Apple has often argued with security forces and government agencies, refusing to storm criminals ’phones and decrypt their SMS apps to protect users’ privacy. However, Hovas said: Decryption is not our solution to these problems, and explains that the company is using technology to verify child sexual abuse material.

An Apple spokesperson indicated a disclaimer on the company's website. No matter where the product is used, Apple is committed to protecting children across our ecosystem and we will continue to support innovation in this area.

"As part of this commitment, Apple uses image matching technology to find and report images of child abuse, as well as the spam e-mail filters that our electronic signature system uses to find suspicious images of child abuse."

A spokesman for Apple said that accounts containing content that contain sexual abuse of children violated the terms of use of the company and the company found that an account containing these documents was suspended.

The company no longer explains how to search for images of child abuse, but many technology companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google use Microsoft's PhotoDNA technology, which uses a database with pre-defined images (called "retail") to verify the image, "

The iPhone changed its privacy policy last year and stated that images can be checked for child pornography, although it is not clear when the changes will be made.

Jane Horvath defended Apple's decision to encrypt the iPhone because it was difficult to open security services after the FBI called in a new company that would own the phones of armed men. Probability of the problem. Last month in Florida.

Horvath said: End-to-end encryption is extremely important for the services we depend on (such as health and financial data) and relatively small phones are given and the ease with which they can be lost or lost is stolen, We have to make sure that the data does not leak in this case.

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