Asus Chakram Mouse CES 2020 Best Edition
Asus Chakram Mouse CES 2020 Best Edition

Asus introduced the unconventional design of a gaming chakram mouse at CES 2020. The mouse has a built-in joystick, wireless charging, RGB lighting, and advanced design from Omron. It will be available soon for $ 150.

The new Asus Chakram mouse design exceeds expectations for the new version of the gaming mouse: ROG Chakram mouse was first introduced to IFA 2019 and can be pre-ordered now.

Chakram mouse has a optical sensor that supports 16000 dpi and supports connection over WiFi, 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth. The unique design of a wireless mouse or RGB mouse is used for gaming, but the integrated joystick is sold separately. Allows the user to easily control and operate the unique flight simulation mode. Or control the fighting game completely with the mouse.

The mouse also has a numeric control panel, which can control four directions. Joystick supports user-defined programming and functions, such as B. Chakram mouse buttons or keys. The mouse exterior design also supports changing and replacing the joystick, or the user can close the joystick and use the mouse only with the traditional design.

Omron buttons can also be customized in the mouse. The left and right mouse buttons have a magnetic design that supports seamless switching. The mouse also supports DPI tuning using the buttons installed below. The scroll wheel allows users to make more precise settings.

It should be noted that the Chakram mouse supports fast charging technology, which takes only 15 minutes for up to 12 hours. Qi wireless charging via ROG Balteus Qi mouse charging station is also supported, and the mouse is fully charged. It may take up to 79 hours of life and will soon be sold for $ 150.

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