AUTO-VOX W7 Backup Camera
AUTO-VOX W7 Backup Camera

See clearly at night
It can be seen clearly even in poor lighting conditions. It can help you to be safe on a bright street.

Improvement sheet
The 360 ​​° rotating arc uses durable materials. You can easily adjust the best angle to the windshield or dashboard as needed.

Additional USB connection
Additional USB connection to mobile phones or other devices.

Ultra clear screen
With the W7 Reverse Camera you get a large and wide reverse camera image. We also offer a replacement camera CS2 4.3 "to choose from.

The parking line is adjustable

You can choose 6 parking lines, adjust width and height according to the actual situation. If you don't want to use it, you can turn it off.
AUTO-VOX W7 5 Inch Monitor Cars WiFi Backup Camera
AUTO-VOX W7 Backup Camera

The rear view camera is excellent

The robust 110 ° camera ensures that the car is parked safely and without blind spots.

AUTO-VOX W7 Backup Camera  Specs
  • Strong and stable digital signal transmission: AUTO VOX W7 uses better digital signals for longer distances than analog signals that are not affected by other signals (such as Bluetooth).
  • Back Screen: The W7 has a suitable screen size and is a good choice because the screen can easily see the back when saving.
  • Wireless, easy to install: Due to the wireless signal transmission, cables from the camera to the monitor do not need to be placed. This design is easy to install and makes installation faster and easier.
  • High-quality image: The W7 backup camera displays a clear picture and strikes a balanced relationship between contrast and color saturation. TFT monitors offer better picture quality than conventional LCD monitors with contrast and color performance.
  • Picture of automatic parking display: The AUTO-VOX W7 Reverse Camera has 6 adjustable parking lines through which you can determine how far you are from obstacles. This will help to make parking more accurate and reduce accidents or parking errors.

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