Belkin and Defialit launched the high-quality SOUNDFORM Elite
Belkin and Defialit launched the high-quality SOUNDFORM Elite

At the CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, Belkin presented "Connected Things" and "Foxconn Connect Technology" around the world, which, given that the elite sound model of the latest trends in audio products, is the first to support high-quality wireless charging functions. Smart functional amplifiers.

The design of the SOUNDFORM ELITE subwoofer is the result of a collaboration between Belkin and Defialate. The latter focuses on high-quality audio products, which have attracted tech enthusiasts, in particular, this will be the start of many Belkin audio products, while maintaining the position of the leading brand in commercial wireless fast charging.

Partnering with Defialit also relies on the best available in its class, as well as trying out audio products and subwoofer design, it has over 160 patents and has a unique consumer brand. ,

“Belkin is excited about the opportunities and features that the SOUNDFORM ELITE smart speaker and wireless charger and work with Defialit offer us for our brand, opportunities,” said Steve Maloney, senior vice president of Belkin Global.

“Our long history of audio devices and our leadership in wireless charging, along with our audio experience, have allowed us to offer exceptional and applicable products to consumers,” Maloney added.

SOUNDFORM ELITE combines a high-fidelity volume of up to 90 decibels with fast wireless charging and is integrated into the Google Voice Assistant.

Users can charge their phones, listen to music, get answers to requests, and connect multiple speakers compatible with Google Voice Assistant. This gives you a comprehensive audio experience in many of the adjacent rooms and can control the highest quality purity sound in your smart home.

"We are delighted to be working with Belkin. This is the first time we have worked with a global partner. We are delighted that Defialate shares our products. Voice technology with the largest possible number of users. By partnering with Belkin on SOUNDFORM ELITE, We have the opportunity to present our expertise in acoustic technology and our pioneering concept of acoustics in different categories of acoustics, innovative products covering one of the world's music lovers. A whole new region. "

Defialite is dedicated to designing its audio products and can apply powerful matching technology to the SAM® amplifier that produces high-fidelity sound and thus supports technology that reproduces the original content experience through design. By defending the depth and quality of sound effects to set up Defialate for headphones and prevent sound vibrations from proportional to the size of the headphones, users can wirelessly charge devices with Qi standards and up to 10 watts of power, which is not twice the quality of sound accuracy twice.

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