Beltronics Radar Detector
Beltronics RX65-Red

Beltronics Pro RX65 Radar / Laser / Security Detector Offers Great Performance! The detector is everything. Digital technology provides long-term discoveries. Features include text display, digital audio alerts, 7 optional features, and a custom status. Integration with Laser Pro 905 to prevent laser.

If you take safety as seriously as driving, then you need a RX65 Professional series, a high-speed camera, a laser sensor and safety. RX65 is very easy to use and very sensitive to all radar and laser regions, more than ten times higher than other detectors.

Excellent detection
The RX65 includes Radar X, K, SuperWide Ka, security alarm system, front and back laser detection, automatic mute and belt mute functions by Beltronics, sound and sound range alarms and all the functions you would expect from Beltronics for all services. DSP has powerful features while reducing false alarms. Auto Scan mode can effectively eliminate these false alarms and provide settings for highways and cities.

RX65 also features Shadow technology, making it invisible to VG-2 radar detectors. This means that law enforcement cannot tell your radar detectors what you are seeing.

Ease of use
The powerful RX65 provides you with zone control functions via the included SmartPlug power cord. Patented mute and mute technology allow you to quickly turn off the alarm. With advanced programming, you can customize many features, and with the programmable section, you can configure the device for your region, including international and North American settings.

Quick Install: Install it on the car windshield with the Quick Change Stand and remove it immediately. You don't want to put it in the car No problem, Beltronics includes a travel bag to ensure it is safe when walking.

Ultra-bright LED display
Don't miss the visual alert with the RX65 280 LED display, which tracks special threat alerts and displays multiple radar signals including signal strength. Tech Display can provide the actual digital radar frequency for each radar signal. You can also display messages from the Safety Warning System (SWS) about impending hazards, construction work, etc.

Red light, blue light
RX65 has red and blue LED models, so you can choose the screen that suits you.

Safety radar operation
The SWS Safety Warning System uses a modified K-band radar signal to warn users before building or maintaining highways, recommendations for rapid danger areas, weather hazards, and speedy / slow driving / rest information and vehicles. The SWS security radar system has 64 potential messages (there are currently 60 user-defined messages), all of which can be viewed on RX65.

Beltronics RX65-Red laser Radar Detector Specs
  • X Radar Function, SuperWide Ka, K, Security Warning System, "Digital" Radar Warning "POP", Display Messages From Security Warning System
  • Advanced automatic processing of scanning and processing digital signals expands the area and almost reduces false alarms
  • With easy-to-use programming functions, you can tailor up to 7 options for your driving style
  • The VG-2 radar detector is not affected by detection, so the police cannot detect its use

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