Black Shark 3 5G, Xiaomi first release with 16GB RAM
Black Shark 3 5G, Xiaomi first release with 16GB RAM

The latest vulnerability recently released indicates that Xiaomi is preparing to launch the next Black Shark 3 5G gaming phone with 16 GB of RAM. This is the first time in a smartphone.

Xiaomi has achieved good sales with the previous version of the Black Shark gaming phone and is again preparing for the release of its new version of the gaming phone, which supports the connection to the fifth-generation Black Shark 3 5G network. ,

Xiaomi Black Shark 3 5G was recently approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to prepare for the official release of this phone in the future, and because this version supports the functions of the fifth generation network, the latest security vulnerability revealed a new functionality for the phone, and it has a random instance of RAM 16 GB.

Some opinions suggest that RAM is not a required feature in this release. However, this is welcomed by users who want higher smartphone functions, and support for good quality mobile phones for several years.

Therefore, Xiaomi should be the first company to arbitrarily launch a phone with 16GB RAM. Before the official release of the Black Shark 3 5G, we might see a giant appear in China.

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