Bosch manufactures LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicles
Bosch manufactures LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicles

Prior to CES 2020, Bush announced that it had developed new LiDAR sensors for use in vehicles, and the company hoped that their widespread use would reduce costs and then provide them at low prices. While improving performance. The use of independent driving systems is widespread.

It is generally believed that for safety reasons, independent cars require many sensors behind the camera and radar.

Like all LiDAR sensors, the Bosch solution uses laser beams to measure the distance between the sensor and the target element. The sensor measures reflected light and is suitable for short and medium distances on highways and in cities.

Harald Kroeger, a member of the Bush board of directors, said in a statement that the German company claims to be able to compete in prices due to economies of scale. Bush made self-driving possible by filling the sensor room and design. Sensors for all independent driving positions.

The laser-based LiDAR system combines a high-resolution 3D real-time environment map that can be used by vehicle systems to better understand what is happening nearby and interact accordingly. Sensors work in conjunction with radar and cameras to provide optimum security for in-car navigation.

Luminar announced last year that LiDAR systems would cost less than a thousand dollars, and Waymo announced last year that sales of LiDAR sensors would start with less than $ 5,000 per device over other sensors years had surfaced. The final cost was $ 75,000.

It should be noted that Bush is not the only company operating in the LiDAR sensor sector, but rather it is the main supplier, and that competition should lower the price of LiDAR. Therefore, if Bush can reduce production costs, he can make it semi-autonomous and automatic. Fully available and cheaper.

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