Detecting Philips TAPH805BK Wireless Headphones
Detecting Philips TAPH805BK Wireless Headphones

Philips today announced that the TAPH805BK Wireless Noise Canceling Headset is ideal for use in the office or at home and provides users with an unparalleled listening experience.

With this headphone, you can eliminate external noise by clicking the active noise reduction mode button or clicking awareness mode while using the headset to maintain the sound condition. In addition, the user can control the volume by swiping up and down on the touchpad with the ear.

In our view, it is best to disable or enable the noise canceling mode to enjoy the movie you are watching without ambient noise, or choose the perception mode on the street with sound around the mode. Listen to music while roaming ... all of this is done with the push of a button. When you get a Bluetooth connection, the built-in echo cancellation microphone can make your voice unheard.

With the integrated Google Assistant, users can make commands to read notifications, manage song playlists, and more. While driving and activating Google Assistant simply by putting your hands on the side of the helmet.

Detecting Philips TAPH805BK Wireless Headphones

We took advantage of the headphone driver performance and found that the 40mm neodymium sound engine is used for left and right speakers, providing a clear listening experience for low and medium frequencies. The ear cushions of this helmet feature a soft grip, providing comfort to the user's ears over long periods of use. It completely covers the ears, thus forming a cover to isolate external noise. These headphones can be easily folded in two ways: they can be flat in a drawer or can be folded and exposed in a compact, easy-to-move format. The package includes a USB cable, audio cable, airplane adapter and travel bag that you can use to take the speaker with you, wherever you go.

Thanks to the long battery life, you can work for 30 hours or up to 25 hours without noise. When talking about fast charging, you can charge the speaker for 5 minutes, two hours, or 15 minutes of charging, and get 6 hours. After all, this Philips headphone is now priced at $ 200.

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