Doxie Q DX300 Wireless Document Scanner
Doxie Q DX300

Paperless with Doxie Q. DX300
The new Rechargeable Smart Wireless Scanner can be unlocked to re-flash the deck. Flexibly scan anywhere and use all the functions of a large desktop scanner. Doxie's lightweight design and integrated applications make it easy to use large and small piles of paper.

For all your papers
Doxie Q has a simple automatic document feeder (ADF) that converts your documents into searchable and multi-page PDF files. If you have a two-sided document, just flip the stack over and check the other side. Doxie makes it easy to confuse pages with one click.

How to configure and clear

Easy to get Doxie Q - Use the sticker under the battery cover to activate the battery, charge the Doxie for the first time, start Doxie, and start wiping. For more information, see the quick start guide in the field and the help page at For regular paper bags and paper bags, open the Doxie Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), load paper down, and then use the paper guides. For photos, slips, cards and fragile items, please use a real-time paper feed on the back of the Doxie slot.
Doxie Q DX300 Wireless Document Scanner
Doxie Q DX300

What brings Doxie Q
Doxie Q portable scanner with ADF, built-in WLAN, 8GB SD memory card, rechargeable battery, USB cable, universal power supply, accessory set, desktop, iOS app, unparalleled customer service.

Doxie Q DX300 Document Scanner Specs
  • [Auto, Really Rechargeable, Portable] Doxie Q is an automatic document scanner that was invented for real-time navigation. It can use a non-charging computer to charge the battery, automatically fold the document feeder, built-in memory and Wi-Fi scan without a computer built into Mac, PC and iOS applications. The small size of Doxie makes it easy to put it in a pocket or drawer after wiping.
  • Simple, Always Simple] Doxie was developed for minimal purposes only. It is only suitable for private drivers. Simply open Doxie to open it, enter the paper and click "Scan." Doxie Automatic Paper Feeder can scan up to 8 color pages at up to 600 dpi. Or use the Doxie Live Feed slot to scan all photos, receipts, cards and fragile items.
  • Great programs and OCR] Doxie makes it easy to use (fun)! With the built-in Doxie apps for Mac and PC, you can sync USB or Wi-Fi scans to the desktop and organize and create searchable and multi-page PDFs with award-winning ABBYY OCR technology. Save the analysis results to your desktop, local app, or your favorite cloud service like Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, and iCloud Drive. Alternatively, you can use the Doxie iOS app to sync scanning to your iPhone or iPad and save and share the scan wherever you are.
  • Warranty, satisfaction guarantee, Care Doxie customer service is always there to help you scan, organize or advise on the best way to scan paper

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