Equipped with graphene batteries for the new generation of smartphones
Equipped with graphene batteries for the new generation of smartphones

Real Graphene announced the completion of the development of graphene battery technology to sell battery technology that supports smartphones.

It seems that graphene batteries will be introduced in smartphones in the near future, as Real Graphene asserts that graphene battery technology is now available in smartphones to bring practical experience to the typical smartphones from smart phone manufacturers.

Since the new battery technology differs from lithium batteries, which rely on the reverse exchange of lithium between positive and negative graphite, real graphene has begun to release stand-alone external batteries that compete with existing lithium batteries.

Meanwhile, real graphene replaced the positive and negative graphite electrodes with electrodes covered with a thin layer of graphene while modifying the electrical structure.

Samuel Gong, CEO of Real Graphene, said that the 3000mAh battery with the company's new technology enables smartphones to charge from zero to 100% in 20 minutes, while lithium batteries take an average of 90 hours to complete charging the phone.

On the other hand, the CEO of the company indicated that graphene batteries have a longer life because they can last up to 1500 times, while the average life of lithium batteries ranges between 300 and 500 times.

Graphene batteries also have a lower heat generation than current lithium batteries.  Samuel Gong indicated that manufacturers of current lithium batteries will start making graphene batteries without having to replace equipment.

It should be noted that graphene technology is one of the most expensive technologies.  According to statistics from Digital Trends, the price of graphene paper is $ 25 per kilogram of graphene $ 300,000.  Therefore, the use of graphene batteries should increase the cost of battery production by 30%.

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