Evetebol Full HD Car Camera
Evetebol  Car Camera

A powerful and advanced 1080p Dash Camera
With a 4-inch HD screen, it provides more vitality and a new experience. The wider field of view and greater clarity distinguish all driving details.

1080P tachograph
1080P Full HD and real-time display on the big screen of road conditions provide the best visual experience.

Emergency lock
Car camera with built-in adjustable sensor If the G sensor is triggered with sudden effect, the current lens is locked and protected in the SD card, giving you important information on how to avoid accidents.

WDR technology
The balance between strong daylight and weak light at night. WDR is suitable for situations such as lack of light or backlight, which can increase the true color of objects.

Broader front and rear scenes
The wide-angle lens provides 170 degrees a wider viewing angle. The wide-angle lens can easily cover 4 channels and help eliminate blind spots in the field of view.
Evetebol Full HD Car Camera
Evetebol  Car Camera

Watch around the clock

When someone hits your car and hits the G-Sensor, the dashboard camera plays and records a short video. Then lock it, take it, and shut it down automatically. The Car camera monitors your car around the clock.

Loop recording
Like the dashboard with the session recording function, the new card automatically replaces the old card when the memory card is full. Important clips are locked and not replaced.

Evetebol Full HD Car Camera Specs
  • Dual-channel weather-resistant rear view camera: 4.0-inch full HD 1080p car camera and 170 ° front camera + 120-degree VGA back camera for full coverage of the track, so you can enjoy clearer field of view and wider switching between the rear lens / front lens / vision At the front - and the rear lens supports the car, the car rear view camera automatically opens the rear view image.
  • Integrated G DASH CAM sensor: a built-in column acceleration sensor that can record and save depending on the wave target. In the event of sudden accidents such as car accidents or sudden turns, video clips recorded in emergency situations can be used as an important guide for post-treatment events. Please note that the standby mode is only effective when the camera is turned off automatically and cannot be used when the camera is manually turned off.
  • Standby mode: If the car vibrates due to a collision and the vibration force reaches the working area in standby mode, the camera begins recording and recording automatically, pauses and records the current video after 10-15 seconds and closes it automatically. Of course it is not.
  • Loop recording: Video files can be saved for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. The current video replaces the previous file. You will not miss any important dates until the storage space is full. However, emergency files in the G-sensor cannot be replaced automatically (sudden events such as car accidents or sudden turns).

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