Facebook reminds you when connected to external websites
Facebook reminds you when connected to external websites

Facebook introduced a new feature called "Contact Notice" that sends a notification to the user when logging in to a third-party app with his account. This feature is activated when the company finds that the user easily forgot to use the data, as Facebook is posted after logging in, mainly because it is easy to use and very good

Although this feature cannot be used as an additional layer of protection, it can give priority to the user if someone mistakenly accesses the account, but gives him more control over his information.

The Facebook business model is entirely dependent on the ability to distribute user data and transfer it to advertising partners. Every time you connect to another site via Facebook, you can access data from these sites and add more information. Access information about you that is already on Facebook.

Notifications that users receive via email and the Facebook app indicate the type of details that social networks share with third-party apps or websites.

If the user does not want to share his email address and profile picture with a third-party app they are connected to via Facebook data, they can click the "Change Settings" button in the email to delete them the app's permission to access private data. ,

The user receives a notification when he first uses his contact information in the app. When the app's access to information expires, it receives another notification.

If you have activated Social Media Privacy Control, you can search for apps that can currently access and revoke their credentials. Although the job is simple and straightforward, it can help a lot of people know exactly how much information they are sharing. ,

A study conducted by Pew Research last October found that a large number of users do not know that Facebook has Instagram and WhatsApp, while another study found last January that three quarters of respondents were neglected. The amount of data collected on Facebook, I have told them that more than half of them are dissatisfied with it.

Over the past year, the social media company has made great efforts to inform users how to protect private information on their websites without completely deleting their accounts by promoting privacy verification tools.

The company said in the blog about feature announcements: We understand the confidentiality of personal data and related information, we are taking effective steps to improve the confidentiality of our products, and we will test other features. User control in early 2020.

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