Fiat Chrysler unveils the Airflow Vision car design # CES2020
Fiat Chrysler unveils the Airflow Vision car design # CES2020

Have you ever wondered what will happen with the launch of the Fiat Chrysler Full Digital? You are checking. The automaker introduced the CES 2020 Airflow Vision concept, the interior of which was completely numbered and its six screens controlling the driver and passenger experience. Almost the only physical buttons are the start button and the navigation buttons on the steering wheel. If you still love to write, this may not be exciting, but the FCA promises that the screen will not be overwhelming.

Airflow Vision is designed to provide a "safe, easy to use, and understandable" user interface. The system is clean, consistent and readable, and the gaps need to be minimal. You can also customize the user interface up to the assembly screen to meet your special requirements. Information can also be passed on to other people in the cabin, for example if you want to inform your child about your path. It is too early to say whether this will improve the experience of heavy vehicles on displays like the Porsche Titan, but it is good to know that the FCA takes at least into account the consequences of moving controls on the touch screen.

You will not get many performance responses at this point. The concept depends on the size and size of Pacific Hybrid, but it is not clear whether it is an electric car, pure electric car or any other SUV. Quiet interior design, ambient lighting and narrow side seats provide more legroom and personal storage for every passenger.

CES guests will also appreciate Fiat debut from Centoventi EV in North America and mixed versions of Compass, Renegade and Wrangler.

The conversion of Airflow Vision to a production car has not been mentioned, although we cannot count on it without major changes. These twisted wheel arches will not survive for a minute on real roads. This can give us insight into the future of the FCA interior design, and it's easy to see that some facade shapes find their way into large electric cars.

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