Finally ... Instagram supports private messaging on the web
Finally ... Instagram supports private messaging on the web

Instagram photo sharing service announced today (Tuesday) that DM will be supported over the network. This is a late step for service users who send a large number of messages. So it is hard for them to reach them via mobile phones and tablets.

The company said that testing of private messaging functions on the network was monitored a year ago, but it is still in beta and only available to a small number of users worldwide.

Instagram is owned by Facebook for TechCrunch technology sites: when this feature is available to everyone, users can know when to receive new messages, view all incoming emails and start new conversations (personally or via SMS))) in addition to sending photos (capturing Any images), double-tap, like, and post via message.

Adam Mosry, Instagram CEO, confirmed that he hopes this feature will be launched for all users once the beta stage is successful.

Web-based direct messages allow Instagram users to chat on Windows and Mac OS PCs and on web browsers on mobile devices.

It is worth noting that Instagram and Facebook pay special attention to communication, because communication increases user interaction through conversations and private discussions related to photos and videos that are shared with users, or through calls to the service. This increases the time spent by users.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram only starts as an app on a mobile device. However, the delivery of services provided on the web (including messaging) is slower because the service users are still unable to download pictures or stories from the web.

Facebook has activated web messaging and messages on mobile devices to determine whether Messenger Messenger will be used separately and as a standalone platform or not. This is a question related to WhatsApp messaging service, which was originally an app on a mobile device and then enabled to exchange messages on the network in 2015, but it completed the app because messages can only be sent when the phone is connected to the internet.

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