Get to know Xenobots ... the first live programmable robots
Get to know Xenobots ... the first live programmable robots

Scientists from the University of Vermont and Tufts developed the first so-called programmable Xenobots robot, a new form of life not discovered on Earth. It can be programmed to work.

The discoveries team said in a research document that this is the first time that humans have been able to build a complete biological machine from start to finish that allows us to send small xenop robots to deliver drugs to patients or patients to eliminate marine pollution.

Scientists say that these active robots can heal themselves if they become damaged. Joshua Bonjard, an expert at the University of Vermont, led the new research and explained that these new types of living robots are not traditional. The robot is not a known animal, but a new animal. The man is a programmable object.

These new creatures are developed using supercomputers to create thousands of possible designs for thousands of new life forms, while live robots can be used for a variety of different purposes and beneficial applications that cannot be achieved by other devices on radioactive devices Check for pollution, and collect plastics from The sea, or move between the arteries to open it.

Although humans have changed the way living things work in one or more ways, discipline has made great strides in recent years through genetic engineering and creation of artificial beings, but researchers say this is the first time that this work has been done. The machine is designed and manufactured. The researchers are completely organic.

Scientists believe they will be able to make more sophisticated copies of xenobots so that these living robots can be given a pocket that can be used to deliver drugs by moving or destroying cancer cells in the body.

Scientists suspect that using these biomaterials to design robots can lead to major changes in the way technology is used, and that, unlike conventional materials, Xenobots can repair themselves and completely dissolve if they die.

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