GL.iNET Travel Router Review

GL.iNET Model GL-AR300M-Ext is a professional mini travel router and programmable gate for your friends.

Scalable storage:
The router is equipped with 128MB RAM and 128MB flash memory, which can be expanded with an external USB stick. DIY devices can use Ethernet, UART and GPIO ports. It is an ideal portable portal for the development of the Internet of Things.

WiFi adapter:
WiFi is very popular, but may not be available everywhere. If you're still using a wired network in a hotel or cafe, this small router can turn it into a wireless network to share WiFi with all devices.
Even in places like WiFi cafes or restaurants, it's best not to expose the device directly to the public network. The router uses a firewall to switch the public WiFi network to your WiFi network, then it acts as a proxy for safe browsing. When you switch to a new WiFi network, the agent connects to all of your devices. You do not need to enter a password for each device.
The router can also switch the connection from a USB / 4G 3G phone or modem to a dedicated Wi-Fi network.
GL.iNET Travel Router Review

Portable travel companion:
The GL.iNET router is light, portable, and easy to carry. It can be connected to any laptop, power bank or 5 VDC adapter to save energy.

Open source and programmable:
OpenWRT is preinstalled and supports over 4000 software packages. OpenVPN Client is pre-installed and can be used with more than 20 VPN service providers.

GL.iNET GL-AR300M Travel Router Specs
  • Mini Travel Router: Switch public (wired / wireless) networks to dedicated Wi-Fi networks to enable safe browsing. Compatible with 3G / 4G USB modem. Power supply via a USB laptop, power bank, or 5 V DC adapter (sold separately). Only 39g (1.41oz) and bags.
  • Open and programmable sources: OpenWrt / LEDE pre-installed and supported by software repository.
  • OPENVPN Client: A pre-installed OpenVPN client that is compatible with more than 20 VPN service providers.
  • More memory and scalability: 128MB RAM, 16MB flash memory, 128MB NAND flash memory, Ethernet, UART and GPIO for DIY devices.

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