Google is developing a new chat app to compete with Microsoft teams
Google is developing a new chat app to compete with Microsoft teams

Google is working on a new mobile chat app that targets workplaces and companies. According to the latest report from The Information, the new app currently combines many different platform functions.

This new product is developed to combine the various Google services the Company sells to the company, including the G Suite part of the company, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Drive, Hangouts Meet, and Hangouts Chat.

Similar to Microsoft's program called Microsoft Teams, Google wants this new service to be a hub for all of its production products, as Google’s existing communications strategy focuses on Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.

According to the report, Thomas Cloudian, CEO of Google Cloud Unit, released the app to Cloud Unit sales staff and business partners in mid-January, on condition that the new app is available to companies as part of G Suite. Use: The app is managed online with a cloud service called Google Cloud.

This step can help improve competition with Microsoft and other sets of productivity applications. New mobile apps (currently internally tested in Google) include Hangouts Meet (Hangouts Video Conferencing app) and Hangouts Chat (app) for real-time messaging.

Please note that Google has tried a lot in chat and messaging apps, including Gmail, Hangouts, Google Plus, Google Chat, Allo, Duo, Spaces, Wave, RCS, Google Voice, Android messages, Inbox, and YouTube chat software.

However, it is not known how this app will affect the company's current applications. The search giant has announced that it will cancel classic Hangouts for businesses and consumers and replace them with Hangouts chat apps.

Microsoft reportedly announced in November that the Microsoft Teams app had 20 million active users, an increase of 7 million users in just four months, and that Microsoft Teams had twice the number of active users like Slack.

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