Google suggests the best travel and accommodation times
Google suggests the best travel and accommodation times

Google has announced a new update to its Google Trips website, which includes new features that provide you with more information about where you want to go, help you decide when to visit a specific place, and want to discover what's best for you. Investigation area.

And if you go on a summer vacation and want to go to a sunny but not too hot place and also want to know the cheapest months, you can use the new Google Travel website.

For example, the website displays the cheapest and most expensive travel destinations per year in addition to the usual weather on the site in question. Those wishing to travel can log on to the website and "When do they visit?" Use based on quantity, price and weather. It shows travel time.

The 'What You Pay' tab indicates whether you want to be rational when traveling and gives you a better idea of ​​where to book a hotel, as the "Where to Stay" section summarizes the best areas, including -ci, the popular site overall rating and typical hotel costs.

Other upgrades offer smaller but useful details because you now get personal results that show whether you have searched or stayed in a hotel or whether the property you are looking for is similar to the previous one.

The "Overview" and "Price" tabs display the night and the total price for your stay. If you have to stop, you can start a fast track. Travel time suggestions are currently available on the desktop. However, many other tools are also available on your phone.

Google also lists the most popular travel destinations for 2020. In addition to popular attractions, this search giant offers a search tool for stronger hotels in 2020 that allows users to find specific accommodation results and practices to improve their visit.

According to Google, here are the top ten goals for 2020:

  1. Da Nang: Vietnam.
  2. Sao Paulo: Brazil.
  3. Seoul: South Korea.
  4. Tokyo: Japan.
  5. Tel Aviv: Israel.
  6. Marseille: France.
  7. Vienna: Austria.
  8. Bangkok: Thailand.
  9. Dubai United Arab Emirates.
  10. Perth: Australia.

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