Google will end support for Chrome apps in browsers this year
Google will end support for Chrome apps in browsers this year

Google announced plans to end support for Chrome apps in the browser this year, and Google plans to end support for Google applications on Chrome OS in 2022.

As we all know, Google has stopped some of the company's services in recent years because Google Plus was one of the services that stopped working in the previous period, and once again, Google decided not to use Chrome as of 2020 - using more applications in the browser.

Google support for Chrome apps will end in June 2020 using the browser.  These applications combine the experience of browser applications and mobile applications, as these technologies are used in HTML, CSS and Javascript, which ensures and ensures the integrity of the user experience system.

Chrome Apps are designed to help Chrome OS users have a system-specific application experience.  However, the recent rapid development of browser applications (especially those called "advanced web applications") has resulted in only a few applications in the past few years adapting Chrome, and the importance of apps has recently declined.

As a result of this decline, Google Chrome applications are gradually pausing to support improvements to the corporate browser applications.

In addition, Google plans to stop adding new apps to the Chrome App Store in March next year.  Support for Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux systems ends in June.  Support for Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education users will take this month.  In December 2020, support for Chrome apps on Chrome OS devices will end in June 2022, although the company will stop supporting applications in June 2021.

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