Huawei denies a German report accusing it of colluding with Chinese intelligence
Huawei denies a German report accusing it of colluding with Chinese intelligence

The Chinese company Huawei denied these reports and said that the German government has evidence of the company's cooperation with Chinese intelligence agencies.  In response to a report by German Handelsblatt, Huawei replied that Huawei has never done anything and will never do anything that could endanger cybersecurity, and that customer data is important.

Leading telecom network equipment companies added: "The Handelsblatt article repeats old allegations that are baseless and do not provide concrete evidence.

The Handelsblatt report cited a classified document from the US State Department stating that US intelligence information shared by US officials is compelling evidence of condemnation, and clearly states that Chinese companies cannot be considered sufficient to meet the security standards required to build a 5G credibility network.

The newspaper quoted the document as saying: "In December 2019, the United States sent us intelligence information that Huawei is working with Chinese security services."  The German Foreign Ministry stated that it has not commented on the internal documents politically.

The government of Prime Minister Angela Merkel and her conservative ruling party do not agree on whether Huawei's equipment pose a threat to the security of Europe's largest economy, as the country's largest mobile operator is a customer of Chinese companies.

Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas has long warned that the Chinese government can use technologies to spy or destroy the Internet, while Chancellor Angela Merkel tends to set strict rules for the country's 5G network requirements, but against the ban on individual companies.

The UK decided to prevent Huawei from accessing the core of the 5G mobile network (by excluding strategically important sites) and setting its stake on the edge of the network at 35%, and the European Union decided to publish guidelines that member states could follow.  Restrict or ban suppliers at high risk, but this does not affect the choice of a country or company.

For reasons of national security, the United States government has asked its allies to boycott Chinese society and China has warned that it may use the company's equipment to monitor other countries.

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