Huawei plans to lower the price level of the next P40 series
Huawei plans to lower the price level of the next P40 series

Huawei is ready to face the restrictions in the United States and affect its sales in the global market to lower the price level of the following Huawei P40 phones.

Reliable leak sources confirm that Huawei plans to lower the price of the next release of Huawei P40, which means that the Chinese giant tends to increase premium deals prices from year to year in recent years, but Google's lack of services has prompted the company to adopt new guidelines this year to increase sales.

Huawei continues to compete greatly and has released a new unique version. Huawei P40 series phones are expected to be announced soon. The phone has a new design with more configurations and functions. The new version has been improved due to the American restrictions. the quality.

As Google premium service is not available this year, the Chinese giant is trying to change its marketing guidelines for these releases. Although the price of the Mate 30 Pro exceeds $ 900, the next P40 series will not be available on the market. Offering a higher price level than the issues. Previous article in the same series.

Huawei launched the flagship model of Huawei P30, which costs 799 euros, while the flagship model of P30 Pro costs 999 euros. The new leak also indicates that the Huawei P40 phone will be available this year for around 599 euros for the flagship model. 659 euros, while the highest model of the P40 costs 999 euros.

In addition, the flagship models of the P40 Pro should be released for 799 euros or $ 879. However, since these prices are not yet official, we will look for some details about this Chinese giant in the official announcement of Huawei series phones. P40.

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