Instagram removes IGTV button due to its low popularity
Instagram removes IGTV button due to its low popularity

Instagram has removed the orange IGTV button from its main surface, which appears to confirm its infamous results, as data indicate that Instagram has passed a billion years since the launch of the IGTV standalone app.  But only 7 million downloads.

Since the launch of IGTV in June 2018, TikTok's competitive downloads have reached 1.15 billion downloads in the same period.

A Facebook spokesperson said: As we continue to develop IGTV content creation and research, we know most people find IGTV content through streams, IGTV channels in Explorer and Creator accounts, and IGTV standalone apps.

"Few people use IGTV icon in the top right corner of Instagram's main interface. We've worked to make the Instagram system as simple as possible. So we removed this icon based on these lessons and comments from the community."

Instagram users no longer need the IGTV standalone app to watch longer videos, as the IGTV experience is already built into the main app and can be accessed via main stream, stories and stickers.  Removing the icon means IGTV means it is no longer one of Instagram's key elements.

Instagram allows you to post horizontal videos instead of sticking to vertical clips.  Additionally, developers can post IGTV videos directly from their main app, just as videos and photos are uploaded to Instagram's main square.

A company spokesman said: Our goal is to create a video download center to simplify the user experience for developers who can now download long and short videos using the download button.

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