Introducing 4 Sharkoon Player products
Introducing 4 Sharkoon Player products

At the beginning of the new year, Sharkoon announced four new products for players.  These products include: Backpack, SKILLER SGP2 XXL Mouse Pad, X-Rest ALU Headrest and ELITE SHARK WR200 Wrist Support.

The Sharkoon backpack is made of 600D high-quality polyester and is extremely wear-resistant.  In addition to durability and durability, these waterproof and easy to clean materials are used.  The backpack is 16 liters and contains a variety of compartments and pockets through which you can store your laptop, your valuables or everything you need for a trip.

It is equipped with velcro straps to keep the device in place, which is good for mobile devices or tablets.  In this case, you will see a hidden pocket on the back to protect your important documents.  The pockets on the shoulder strap and the back pocket allow you to get what you need faster, like cash or credit card.  In the back pocket there is a special place for the rechargeable battery, which can be plugged into a USB Type-A plug via an integrated cable.  So you can easily charge your smartphone or other compatible device via a USB connection to the charger out.  The bag price is 34.99 €.

The width of the Sharkoon SKILLER SGP2 XXL mouse is 900 x 400mm and provides enough space for all gaming equipment.  Thanks to the rubber on the bottom, the iPad mouse is firmly attached to the table without slipping off.  In addition, since the pattern printed on the iPad mouse results in the thermal printing process of thermal sublimation ink, its surface can be completely protected against corrosion.  Even if you played for a long time while moving the mouse, the "bad mouse" still looks the same.  The edges of the stitched mouse pad are also protected against wear and the price is 17.99 €.

The Sharkoon X-Rest ALU helmet holder is the perfect companion for gaming headsets in your home.  X-Rest ALU takes up very little space on the table and can simply be put after performance to take the helmet with you.  In addition, the silicone base for the headphones ensures a firm footrest without slipping, and the silicone padding at the top of the headphones gives you stable stability and prevents them from falling off.  It costs 19,99 €.

The ELITE SHARK series bracelet arm is designed to lift the arm, thereby reducing muscle tension that can occur during long hours of work and entertainment.  The palm rest is covered in easy-care synthetic leather, while the interior is made of comfortable foam that puts your hands on your hands.  In addition, the non-slip side ensures the necessary stability even during long stress periods.  In this case, you will notice that your hands move significantly.  The bracelet measures 478 x 100 x 24mm, and therefore adapts to any standard keyboard with number keys.  It costs 19,99 €.

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